We are the descendants of Françoise and Jean-Pierre Torck, founders of CAMAIEU.

In 1998, we teamed up to build Ariane to manage our investments together and ensure that our projects are socially and environmentally responsible.

We have joined forces to bring change through strength and diversity. Our expertise is built around a team of highly skilled professionals who have our full and complete support.

We host

  • 5Business Unit
  • 6Companies
  • 400+People

Meet The Team

  • Stéphanie Fleuroux - Ariane
    Stéphanie Fleuroux Associate Shareholder
  • Phillippe dailliez - Ariane
    Phillippe dailliez Associate Shareholder
  • Damien Watteel - Ariane
  • Élodie Sinnesael - Ariane
    Élodie Sinnesael Associate Shareholder
  • Caroline Berresse - Ariane
  • Gilles Torck - Ariane
  • Guillaume Torck - Ariane
  • Juliette Noël - Ariane
  • Marion Cuvelier - Ariane
    Marion Cuvelier Associate Shareholder
  • Hervé Bonnière - Ariane
    Hervé Bonnière Associate Shareholder
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