We develop companies within diversified business units, current and yet to be created and developed.

We create powerful and consistent offerings that combine business needs with social responsibilities.

We invest in the long haul, whether we’re majority shareholders or referent shareholders.

The family shareholder plays an important role in the company's growth and is committed to the long-term viability of Ariane and its companies.
We’re a collective of entrepreneurs.

We take on powerful company stories. The stories of people.


  • Our team organizes the decision-making
    process and its implementation a
    cross the company and its subsidiaries.
  • We place great
    importance on building
    the leadership team.
  • We encourage
  • We define how
    shareholders, managers and their teams,
    relate to one another.

Areas of focus for
the business units.

Areas of focus for the business units.
Each company is supported by a solid, skilled team, aware of the impact they can make on society. The leader promotes human and entrepreneurial values all around. Human resources are aligned with the company's growth and development.
Our companies have a clear vision and a strategy.

Each company develops its financial autonomy to secure growth while helping Ariane's own development capabilities.

New investments are monitored and discussed regularly, whether they are suggested by Ariane, its leaders or family shareholders.

For greater transparency, we conduct annual asset reviews of our holdings and risk mapping.
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